What aspects can archaize architecture design proceed from?

July 7, 2022

Latest company news about What aspects can archaize architecture design proceed from?

What aspects can archaize architecture design proceed from?

In recent years, Chinese archaize architecture has been well developed, archaize architecture can not only make our architectural forms diversified, but also reflect the characteristics of Chinese culture, its unique charm has been re-examined by people, archaize architecture design has gradually become the focus of attention and research in the whole field of architecture.

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For now, the design of Chinese style antique buildings without a strict system of rules, because it itself is a kind of design concept, rather than a particular classification of architectural form, so in the design of antique buildings, the basic theory of basic or follow the common architectural design, and combined with the characteristics of antique buildings, in general, can from the following several aspects.

1. Overall design
Architectural layout is the first step in the overall design of archaize architecture. Generally speaking, garden layout and axis layout can be adopted in two ways.

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2. Detail design
After the completion of the basic layout of the building, it is necessary to start the detail design of the building. The detail design is the soul of archaize architectural design, which can make the whole building image plump. Generally speaking, there are the following aspects:

1) Architectural form design
Classification was apparent in the form of traditional Chinese architecture, the main tower pavilion, temple, hospital, etc, architectural form design step is mainly refer to the main form of Chinese traditional architecture, detail structure design of antique buildings, its core is the organic integration of a variety of traditional design element, establish a primary design form, again in the loading of other elements. For example, we can decide to take "siheyuan" as the main form of the building, so in the architectural design, we will take the courtyard as the building's constituent sub-unit, and add the temple, pavilion and other elements in each sub-unit. Such a design makes our building appear rich, but also has a core.

2) Strengthen the integration of archaize elements and modern elements
After all, ancient architecture is not ancient architecture, ancient architecture has great limitations in modern use, so now a lot of ancient architecture is actually loaded in modern architecture antique elements, Beijing West Railway Station is an example of this aspect. Beijing West Railway Station is a completely modern building, but it adopts Chinese traditional glazed tiles and pavilions on the roof of the building with originality, making it a typical case of perfect integration of modern elements and archaize elements. At the same time, also can join archaize element in adornment decoration, use hollow-out, carvings, hall layout and other forms to reflect archaize form, at the same time had the luxury of modern decoration, visual effect will be very good.

3). Design of archaize building materials
Chinese traditional buildings mainly use brick and wood structure, which makes Chinese traditional buildings have a big problem, that is, poor fire resistance and decay resistance, short service life, and great safety risks. On the other hand, modern wood resources are tight, large-scale use of wood is neither economic nor environmental protection, so the design of the material is also a very important factor in archaize design. Generally speaking, can do column with casting-in concrete, woodworking board is wrapped outside its, paint on burnish again, satisfied the visual effect of wooden column already so, saved wood again, enhanced intensity.

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