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Chinese style garden


Latest company news about Chinese style garden

    The development of the Chinese garden has a long history. The style of the landscape architecture and technology has become an important part of human culture heritage. Only truly understand the nature of Chinese gardens, can use in ancient times, created to meet the requirements of modern Chinese garden.

    Concept of courtyard design not only represents the Chinese architecture, and expressing a kind of life style and attitude. Combined with our life, dream and reality, give up the old thinking and idea, starting a new way of life and future. As a result, more and more people choose Chinese style garden design style, the Chinese garden design is close to nature, to get people to relax, in a comfortable and comfortable living environment.

    Create natural scenery. Chinese classical garden embodies the nature landscape. In the garden, not just to imitate nature, but nature, summarizes the true mountain true water, become the freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese landscape poetry.

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    Since the ancient times, Chinese garden has left many of the typical representatives, including jiangnan gardens, lingnan garden and private garden in Beijing. The largest number among them, the jiangnan home garden, the highest level.

    Jiangnan garden much affected by poetry and painting. These little garden one or two acres, big man has more than ten acres. According to the situation, they can be combined with the architecture, chisel pool heap mountain, elite stand and flowers.They pay special attention to adjust measures to local conditions, reasonable layout of rock, water fountains, flowers and trees, building elements such as, reach, though they are artificial and natural open effect.

    Most of jiangnan garden with landscape as the theme. So-called water with the mountains, the mountains live because of water. In the garden digging pool heap mountain, in order to reflect the steep mountain, often on the slope pile of stone peaks, different attractions arrangement at the water's edge distance, natural winding.

    Jiangnan garden area is lesser. Landscape construction, adopt more obstacles, borrow scene, look up, extend and increase the garden road rolling method, using, high and low, linear, virtual reality, such as size, contrast, achieve the goal of expanding space, small in see big effect.

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    Jiangnan garden plants in configuration, very pay attention to the shape, color, fragrance of flowers and trees and seasonal characteristics. Corner in the courtyard, the corridor side, wall of small space, choose match the peak stone flowers and trees, forming a small scene, walk landscape, feast for the eyes.

    There is a wide variety of flowers and trees in the garden, and had no configuration just type, as long as the configuration is proper, can become a scenery line.

    Chinese classical garden selected HuaMuChang used to express the feelings of people, give flowers and trees a give flowers and trees some unique personality, jade pine, bamboo; mangnolia, Chinese flowering crabapple, peony, osmanthus as wealth. These unique configuration continues today.

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    China, known as the mother of gardens, is rich in flowers and trees. Flowers and trees grow well only in the right place. At the same time, the layout of flowers and trees is not much but careful. According to different characteristics and hobbies, different trees can be selected to form different landscape characteristics and give full play to the visual effect of their form and color.

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