Malaysia Mosque

July 8, 2022

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Malaysia Mosque

It’s our first Mosque project in Malaysia, even overseas. The client is a doctor and also an ethnic Chinese. We all know that most natives are Muslim in Malaysia and their faith is Islam. The ethnic Chinese plan to build a Mosque invented by them. It can be a platform for Muslims and non- Muslims to communicate the culture and know well each other. Through the internet, their designer found us. After talked some time, he had a rough understand. We also provided the free sample for him. After about one month, the designer came back again along with the doctor and the families to our factory. We discussed further regarding the details.

Masjid is different from other temple .There is the special request on the roofing decorations, no any animals. We revised the design based on the client’s request. For our eaves tiles the pattern is peony, Chinese national flower. After our explanation, the client associated their national flower hibiscus .He hoped to change the pattern into their flower. Through our hard work, our designer drew the sketch and the workers made the sample .The client were very happy and confirmed the sample soon. We also considered the custom of Muslim and made the moon shape decoration for the roof corners. All the tiles and accessories were consistent in style and accord with the custom of Muslim. Finally the clients were very satisfied with our design, workmanship and the quality. He also invited our boss to visit the site and guide the installation .Very fortunately the local media interviewed our boss about the project. The news even caused a sensation in Malaysia.

It is not only a simple Mosque but also a symbol for us, for the client and also for the local Muslims.






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